Nothing makes work more enjoyable than when you can do more for less.  These tools will help you increase productivity if only because you won't be looking all over the web for them.  Here they are:

Weather / NOTAM

Remember that you can always call 1-866-WX-BRIEF (1-866-992-7433) toll free from anywhere within Canada to obtain a weather briefing. Everything you need for indepth weather analysis prior to, and during, your drone operation.

Need help decoding all of that information? Low level graphical wind information:

Site Assessment

UAV Site Selection Tool:

Geographic information (e.g. Terrain elevation, airport proximity, population centres, obstacles, etc.): Aeronautical charts and airspace information: Live air traffic around the world:


A great reference guide to phraseology for all pilots flying within Canadian airspace:

Get comfortable with the flow of communications over the radio by listening to live atc frequencies: See what's intefering with your frequency:


Just a few APPS we couldn't do without:


Check with your local flying club or airport first, and if they don't have what you need check out these on-line retailers specializing in aviation goods:

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