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GIS for RPAS Operators

Designed to be both a theoretical and practical exploration of Geographic Information Systems & Post-Production for RPAS operators, the newest course in our curriculum, 'GIS for RPAS', had to pivot to a purely online delivery last week. But that didn't stop course designer, and GIS professional, Max Lapierre, from delivering an engaging and immersive experience to our first cohort of RPAS pilots and managers at Ontario Power Generation (OPG).

What's the course about?

Our 2-day GIS for RPAS Operators course is comprised of the following curriculum:

  • Introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • Data types

  • Common imagery products

  • Photogrammetry and other processes

  • Remote Sensing

    • Sensors

    • Precision vs. Accuracy

    • GNSS

    • GCP vs RTK vs PPK

  • Data Management

    • Data overload

    • Data management planning

    • Metadata

  • Workflow

    • Standards and best practice

    • Software examples

About Max:

Max is a career GIS professional with experience working in government, academia, and the private sector. In his experience as a GIS instructor, Max has taught students from a variety of disciplines and ranging from beginner to advanced GIS knowledge. Max has also worked with EMO, Search and Rescue and a variety of public service departments, improving and automating workflows. He is currently the Technical Director of the MAPVisLab at Dalhousie University. The lab’s research focus is on geospatial data visualization with projects along the coast and in the Canadian Arctic.

Max has been working with remote sensing data since 2010, including LiDAR, Bathymetric Sonar, and both Satellite and Aerial photography. He is extensively familiar with the ArcGIS software package and its capabilities with Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS ) imagery. His passion for RPAS has developed significantly in the last couple years after receiving his first Special Flight Operations Certificate. In addition to being a licensed RPAS Flight Reviewer, he is a certified examiner for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada). Max has been involved in delivering RPAS specific training for 2 years.

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