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Photography for RPAS Operators

Designed to be both a theoretical and practical exploration of photography for RPAS operators, the newest course in our curriculum, 'Photography for RPAS', had to pivot to a purely online delivery this week. But that didn't stop course designer, and professional photographer, Jason Rusnak, from delivering an engaging and immersive experience to our first cohort of RPAS pilots and managers at Ontario Power Generation (OPG).

What's the course about?

This 2-day course focuses on core photographic concepts, best practices, and how they relate to the RPAS world. The course includes hands-on training to propel students from a theoretical to practical understanding of photography. Topics include:

  • Theory

  • Components

  • Photography Rules/Guidelines

  • Exposure - ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture

  • Manual Control vs Programmed

  • RPAS - Camera Settings

  • Composition

  • Focusing

  • Equipment

  • Lighting

  • Image Management

About Jason:

Jason Rusnak is a published photographer, shooting everything from fashion to sports. Jason has provided photography services for businesses, marketing firms, modelling agencies and stock image companies across Canada. He was introduced to the sRPAS world in early 2018, taking on roles in Business Development but quickly becoming aware of the exciting photographic perspectives drones have to offer.

One of the many hats Jason wears as a partner in Flytbox is the role of Business Development, he brings to the table a passion for business growth through education and innovation. Jason has been involved in developing many businesses; from brick and mortar to online, including business verticals from Industrial to Technology. He is committed to providing businesses with value added services and most importantly, providing these services with integrity. Jason is an Advanced Operations certified sRPAS pilot with Flight Reviewer designation.

Check out Jay's photography and drone services here:

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